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Ambassador Spotlight - Adele Alducin

Tell us about yourself.

I am Adele “Delly” Alducin.  I am a music enthusiast, concert junkie, and hat lover.  I am currently creating custom hats for other hat lovers to enjoy.  I am an animal lover…always wanting to take the strays home.  I am a wife, and mother of adult twin sons and Delly (grandma) to 4 yr old Charlotte and 9-month-old Owen.


Where do you work and what is your title? 

My husband Paul and I own Bourbon & Bubbles.  We are a boutique bottle shop in Clinton, specializing in top shelf specialty bourbons, champagnes and unusual mixology spirits.  We also are the only retail outlet in the county for South Bend Winery.  The customers are wonderful and many love to come in and talk, almost as if we are semi-therapists.  But for me, the best part of my job is marketing of the company.  I love branding and marketing.  In addition, I am also a part-time Realtor specializing in lake properties with 864 Realty, LLC, a local real estate company in Clinton.


Tell us about your roles with the Chamber.

I have a long history as a Chamber volunteer.  I spent 25 yrs volunteering, serving on the board, leadership, and many other aspects of the Greer Chamber of Commerce.  Since moving to Laurens County 7 yr ago, I became involved with the Laurens County Chamber through the leadership program, and I currently serve as an ambassador.


Why do you love Laurens County?

The lake is what brought me to the county.  I enjoy boating and being on the water.  I love that LC is a rural county with a small community atmosphere.  I love that our county is growing and expanding, yet preserving the quality of life as we grow.


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