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Our Mission

To engage the public in the county-wide litter, recycling, and beautification efforts through impact, education, and enforcement.

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KLCB functions as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. (KAB), a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the environment by empowering individuals to take greater responsibility for the protection and enhancement of their local communities.

We are committed to ending litter, improving recycling, and beautifying Laurens County. KLCB utilizes various methods to achieve its goals, such as:

Community Education

Public Awareness

Supporting and/or Organizing Community Cleanups

Supporting Litter Enforcement Efforts

Leveraging Community Partners


The LCCC is proud to partner with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department, County of Laurens Administration, City of Clinton Administration, Clinton Public Safety, City of Laurens Administration, Laurens Police Department, Main Street Laurens, Town of Gray Court and citizens in Waterloo, Cross Hill, Joanna, Kinards and Ft. Inn to get tough on violators who continue to trash our community. Each of these agencies and municipalities have implemented programs to pick up trash (left by others), educate their children and citizens, and even warn violators of the consequences of unlawfully throwing out their garbage for others to pick up.



Team Ecology began in 2013 as the education arm of the initiative. During this three-day event, all Laurens County third-graders spend a day at the Joe Adair Center learning about soils, vermicomposting, recycling, clean air, watersheds, landfills, and how to protect our natural resources. Approximately 5000 third graders have participated so far and the event continues to be successful thanks to many volunteers and sponsors.

Thank you to Sponosor!

Green to the Extreme


Clean Team

Primsa Health

Laurens Conservation District

Sponsorship Level Opportunity

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