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Ambassador Program

This elite group of volunteers serves as a welcome committee, assists with membership campaigns, and acts as public relations liaisons related to networking/social events sponsored by the chamber.

Our Chamber Ambassador Committee is a vital component of the Chamber's outreach and engagement program. Composed of exclusive volunteers, the Chamber Ambassadors act as public relations liaisons for networking and social events sponsored by the Chamber.

Ambassadors serve as the welcoming committee for the Chamber, helping to engage new members and existing members alike. The Ambassadors support the Chamber's mission by promoting its activities and events, helping with membership campaigns, and leveraging the Chamber's active members to enhance engagement and participation.

Ambassadors are appointed to serve a one-year term, after which they may reapply for consecutive terms. This program provides a unique opportunity for individuals who are passionate about networking, social events, and public relations to get involved with the Chamber and make a positive impact on the community.

Meet the 2024 Ambassador Team ...

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