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Laurens County Legacy: Brenda Ligon

"I’ve always wanted to own my own business as I grew up in my teen years.  Being an African American female never deterred me from that dream.  After working as an employee for many years while doing some moonlighting with network marketing businesses, I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge.  So, on January 10, 1999, I stepped out on faith and opened the doors of my first brick and mortar business, Precept Staffing, Inc., located on 100 Wedgewood Drive, Laurens, SC.   I had a dream of helping minorities learn how to interview and dress properly to gain employment. We expanded the business with a second location in Greenwood, SC for a period.  Three to four years later, we added a drug testing division.  We are now celebrating 25 years!! Whew!!

I joined the Laurens Co. CC even before I had a business because I knew I needed to hook up with an organization assisting and representing small businesses.  I have always supported and worked with the Chamber down through the years.

I volunteered as an Ambassador of the Chamber for many years, receiving several awards as “Ambassador of the Quarter”, and Ambassador of the Year” in this area during this time, as well as working on different committees.

I was honored to be named to the Board of Directors for the Chamber and in 2017, I became the first female African American Chairperson of the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce.

I was appointed by the Governor (Mark Sanford), to serve on the Laurens County Disabilities Board in 2008.  I have also served as the Chairperson of this Board for a period and in other positions as well.  I currently serve on the South Carolina Housing Authority Board as well.

I also won a scholarship in the MBA Program (Minority Business Accelerator) Program sponsored by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Greenville, SC, which was an intense program offering deeper business training, etc., that grouped us with other small business owners to help guide and assist.  I’ll stop here.

In summary, to all inspiring entrepreneurs, if you don’t put action behind your dreams, it will remain just a dream.  Have faith in God, and do it afraid if you must, but just do it!!  

I wouldn’t take anything for the journey that I have come.  It wasn’t always easy, and a lot of times, it was lonely, difficult, and sometimes discouraging.  Did I mention you may sometimes be penniless because I certainly was, but better days will come if you hold out and endure to the end!  Above all Keep the Faith!" - Brenda Ligon

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