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Ambassador Spotlight - Ellie Mae Martin

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I'm Ellie Mae Martin, I am a fabulous and spoiled French Bulldog, just shy of my fourth birthday. I live the best life with my awesome parents, Sam and Graysen Martin. Soon, our family will be expanding with the arrival of my baby brother, Cooper! When I'm not busy being adorable, you can find me getting my nails done, shopping locally, taking luxurious naps, binge-watching TV shows, and of course, snacking like a true diva.


Tell us about your job.

I am the Director of Pawsitivity at the Chamber! I wear many different hats in this position – whether it's warmly greeting visitors at the office, spreading cheer during my visits to local businesses, or striking a pose as a model for the Chamber, Keep Laurens County Beautiful, and Visit Laurens County. But do you know what I adore most about my job? It's the paw-some opportunity to tag along with my mom and mingling with countless new faces, of course!


What motivated you to become an ambassador for our organization?

Becoming an ambassador for the Chamber was a no-brainer for me! I'm all about supporting our local businesses and helping them flourish. As an ambassador, I get to make personal visits to business owners, sprinkle a little bit of my adorable charm for stress relief, and best of all, I get to experience and promote all the fabulous local amenities that make our town a gem for both residents and tourists alike!


What makes Laurens County special to you?

Laurens County is special because of all the amazing people and places to explore. From the parks and trails to the wide-open spaces, there's always something exciting to discover. Plus, the friendly people and other dogs make it a welcoming and fun place to be.


If you could have any fictional character as your best friend, who would it be and why?

If I could have any fictional character as my bestie, it would definitely be Bruce Woods, the sassy chihuahua from Legally Blonde. He's stylish, sassy, and always by Elle's side, just like I am with my mom. Plus, he knows how to rock a cute outfit, which is a must for any diva dog like me!

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